About Sandra



My name is Sandra Skodnik, this site has come about from my hobby and love of wood of the last 20 years. Because of the time and passion I have put into each individual piece I have not been able to let any go until now, but the want to live each day doing what I am best at has led me to open this site and offer my work for sale.

Each piece starts from a thought, which usually comes to me half way through my last project. I then spend a day or two designing and sketching, sometimes I make a small clay model before I start carving.

When choosing a suitable wood for the project I take into consideration the colour, grain and workability. I have had the most pleasure working in recycled timber, it is full of surprises. I hand carve each project with traditional carving tools, and like to finish with Penetrol Wood Oil. The average project takes approximately one month to complete. All this resulting in a uniquely crafted piece you will not find the same as, any where.

I enjoy designing projects that challenge and excite me, and somtimes combine craft with a practical use.

My aim is to continue producing a wide variety of fine quality work, and look forward to sharing it with people that admire this craft.